Melody musical saw


Back To The Future:
an authentic revival of the Melody model : a reissue of the famous lame sonore made by Lagrange (a mythic musical saw company in the 50’s), the shape evocates the  handsaw tool and the beginning of the evolution of the musical saw shape to a more comfortable instrument. This model is known to be very ergonomic and easy to play, modern form developed in conjunction with the original designer.

Inspired by the Keller patent, this musical blade is the best seller of our musical saw shop for more than a decade. This model is an improved modern recreation of the mythical french ‘lame sonore’ the best musical saw made in the 50’s until the end of the 70’s (after the fire of the Couesnon factory in Paris, it was impossible to find good instruments).

Made by measure, on demand, adapted to your height and custom build (laser engraving, calculated size of the wood part and the cheat handle for a better ergonomy, etc…)

The instrument has a modern shape to help the playability and increase the comfort, wood and steel totally handcrafted by me. With a range of more than 4 octaves, you can play any tunes, in any keys very easily.

The reason of his success:

A simple and efficient wood basis, special screws with 3 fixing point for the steel at precise spots to prevent any vibration of the wood even with low deep bass sounds, now the new cut (a 2021 update) increase the volume and the sustain of the lower notes, helps the clearity of the highest pitch and the flexibility of the blade to prevent any effort when you play. You can play a cello-type sound, a very low and deep sound, and then instantly follow it up with a very high sound.

With the perfect cheat handle you can play for hours and control perfectly the tune, the ergonomic shape of the stick allows a great comfort , facilitates subtle vibratos up to high amplitude tremolos, this inflection handle helps to achieve better control and precision in the notes. The leverage provided by the handle allows the middle ranges to be played with the strength of the little finger and allows the player to be at one with the instrument for fast musical movement.

The trapezoidal shape of the steel cut (and not a rectangular triangle like some saws) creates a richer waveform and gives a fabulous sound, very powerful when attacking with the bow.

The special steel I use is made in France especially for my blades, the perfect thickness has been calculated to obtain an incredible sustain of more than 15 seconds (wall street journal , NYC).

Available with different sizes, woods , colors, that model is the best choice for beginners and professional. The laser engraving of the blade proves this is an original alexis’ product, the perfect sound that all the copycats try to obtain with different and sometimes poor results. Every musical saw include a pdf book and a video lesson with me to help you to begin well the practice of your new instrument.

The last innovation and improvement is the insert of a 6,35 female Jack tube on the wood and a piezoelectric microphone fixed on the basis of the blade which allow you to plug your musical saw directly in effects (delay, reverb, looper, etc..) and amplication device or a DAW.
You can add a goretex gigbag to protect your instrument, a violin or cello bow, rosin, fixing device for the wood base.