Musical saw and sound blade

My conception of the musical saw is a little different from the one established by the Americans and by wikipedia. If we refer to this definition, the musical saw is a saw diverted from its primary use…
It may have been at the beginning, certainly… but why not improve it, most American and Swedish manufacturers just sell saws a little longer than normal without any real research on the sound.

A really musical saw

For my part, disappointed by the poor quality of the instruments on the market, I improved the cutting of the steel so that the sound of my saws is as close as possible to the sound of the best sounding blades.

Musical Saw

Manufacture by a musical instrument maker.
Waxed beechwood neck, brass screws.
Perfect instrument for shows because of its very good sound, powerful and clear at the same time.
3 playable octaves, …. (more if you just want to get a sound by attacking lower).
Ideal for beginners as well as accomplished professionals
The difference with the classic saw models?
– The size: which allows to play on 3 octaves (the length to width ratio is very important).
– Cutting in the rolling direction of the steel which gives it more power and ‘sustain’ (maintenance in English, the duration of the note …)
– The shape (pyramidal type) which allows to create a double “wave” and gives a sound of fabulous beauty that has a lot of body when you attack with the bow).
Do not hesitate if you have any questions.

Sound Blade

According to the French patent of Keller N° E31975, French patent dating from 1946, a sounding blade is an improved musical saw that has no teeth.

Differences between blade and saw

Added an inflection handle for better control and precision in the notes.
The size that allows to play on 3 octaves and more. (the length to width ratio is also very important and is the result of a calculation).
Cutting in the rolling direction of the steel which gives it more power and sustain (duration of the note).
An ergonomic grip that allows vibratos (from the most subtle to the tremolos of great amplitude).
Also the pyramidal type shape in the sense that it has two equal sides (isometric) and not a right-angled triangle like some saws, which creates a richer waveform and gives a fabulously beautiful sound with a lot of body when attacking with the bow).


Range + 3 playable octaves.
manufactured by an artisan musical instrument maker.
Neck and inflection handle of your choice in cherry, oak, ash, walnut, etc….
Brass or chrome plated screws.
Controlling my raw materials from the steel mill and the wood wholesaler, carrying out all the manufacturing operations up to delivery, this allows me to create exceptional models that have earned me very good reviews and a large number of customers in artistic circles. I now make new forms of sticks and I adapt to the morphology of my customers the requested instrument. + I now make new shapes of sticks and adapt the instrument to the morphology of my customers.
Do not hesitate if you have any further questions, I guarantee the best sounding blades available. Trying one of my blades is definitely turning your back on your old instruments for all my customers until today.