Alexis Faucomprez, world best musical saw maker

Manufacture of "lame sonore" and musical saw.
Site dedicated to the musical saw and the sound blade.

Passionate since always not the electronic music, I always looked for an instrument which allowed me to play everywhere, without current around a campfire, alas seen my passion for the analogical synthesizers, it was always necessary for me to move amplifiers, effects and synthesizers for the slightest repetition’. As much to say that it was totally impossible for me to play acoustic.

From this passion was born the desire to own a Theremin to reproduce the sounds of Sci-fi movies from the 50’s, alas I quickly realized that the Theremin was one of the hardest instruments to play in the world.

That’s when the idea of the musical saw came to me, at first I wanted to buy one but I was confronted with 2 problems, either it was out of price and without any guarantee of quality or I had to turn to cheap instruments with a sound quality that only has a musical name.

After months of research on steels and patents (thanks to Arnaud Letendre ;-), I finally created my first blade in 2006 and everything followed, a flood of requests from clowns, theater, companies, and musicians forced me to create my company in November 2006.
Today, my clients include the world’s greatest blade and saw players, many musicians from various backgrounds, as well as world-famous theater and circus companies.